Mt. Pulag | Part I

I finally got our Pulag photos processed and words aren’t enough to express how I felt the moment I saw those oh so warm and golden snaps.

Without further ado, I give you my favorite photos out of the bunch!








Just looking at these make my heart flutter in happiness. I was mostly looking forward to how the photos turned out and I must say, these definitely didn’t disappoint.

The mountain ranges drowning in clouds are as usual, breathtaking. God was so good to have blessed us with a perfect weather, thus the clear skies and the warm light that photographers would kill for!

Kidding aside, it was one heck of an experience! I wouldn’t mind doing it again!



6 thoughts on “Mt. Pulag | Part I

  1. Thank you po. I am about to ask pa naman sana if any time pwede ako pumunta don sa megamall for developing and scanning. Thank you ulit sa info. I’ll visit @sunny16 on IG. Thank you sa compliment. They were taken with dSLR, I can’t wait to lauch black and white photos taken with Nikon F2 which I bought last week. hehe


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