FOURtraits / 2

FOURtraits is a personal series I made up to feature my favorite portraits I’ve shot on film over the past years.

For this particular set, I got more more up close and personal with my friends and loved ones. I personally think that people are prone to vulnerability when they get their head shots taken, but I like how these photos also show depth and a more personal and clearer perception of the subjects captured.




I took 2 shots of my sister on this same spot. I like how I looked like I was taking a mirror selfie on her sunnies and how I was able to get a pretty shallow DOF despite the harsh light and using what I believe is a small aperture. I love taking photos of my sister coz the camera loves her and because she’s got a great smile. Also, it doesn’t look like it, but she was standing on the edge of a cliff here.




  • Camera: Canon FTB
  • Film: Fuji Superia 200
  • Location: Monasterio de Tarlac
  • Subject/Model: my sister, Kat



Joey and I have kept in touch since we graduated and we go out to meet every once in a while. I remember getting a matcha frappe that day and braiding her hair before she went to work. I love how she looked so vulnerable yet so fierce even though she was so shy to get her photo taken that day. I mean, look at those eyes! They pierce right through me!



  • Camera: Canon FTB
  • Film: (expired- I think) Fujicolor C200
  • Location: Starbucks across MMC
  • Subject/Model: my college friend, Joey



This was taken on my brother’s one of many despedidas (going away party) before he left for Cebu. We had a simple lunch in a Chinese restaurant and he was showing off a loom band bracelet I made for him. I also took 2 other candid shots of him which I might feature along with other stolen portraits I took. He was so young then and looked so frail and slender, but he does look so much better now that he’s well-adjusted. Maybe I should start taking more portrait photos of him today!



  • Camera: Canon FTB
  • Film: (expired) Centuria DNP 400
  • Location: King Bee restaurant, Marcos Highway
  • Subject/Model: my brother, Jus



Last, but not the least, here’s an all-time favorite photo of my ex-boyfriend. I love how this photo evokes serenity, with the light blue water and his pensive look. I also love how good he is in posing for the camera. He really is a pro at this!



  • Camera: Canon FTB
  • Film: Fujicolor C200
  • Location: Laiya, Batangas
  • Subject/Model: my ex-boyfriend, Bri



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