A Year on Film








I can’t believe that another fleeting year has passed by. It was memorable for it was a very trying year for me but I can’t deny that it was full of exciting and fun times too.

I recapped the year on my personal blog earlier and looking back, I saw how lucky I am to have had these wonderful memories captured on film. For that, I’m truly grateful. To be able to still shoot on film in this day and age is a gift and more so a rare opportunity  to rediscover photography and to preserve an experience that might soon be forgotten.

A few weeks earlier, I took out all the film canisters I have saved since I started shooting film. Some weren’t returned to me. I think there were about 3-4 of them, but most of those I saved I put together here for a little shoot at home. I’m saving them for a project that I have yet to think of or conceptualize. I’m thinking of creating another wall art, but I’m still getting ideas.

For now, I’ve gathered these canisters to see how I’ve come so far. Seeing them makes me want to look for more of them, to shoot more and to dream more. Sometimes, it feels frustrating when I run out of film, so I make sure I stock up on them when I get the chance. Sometimes, I panic that film manufacturers would all soon shut down and sometimes, anxiety comes in when I think of not being able to find films in the future, but looking back, it feels great to know that another year has gone by and I actually survived and so did my cameras. It’s amazing, isn’t it? I know my parents are still amazed how I manage to find films today.

In the year to come, I’m hoping to be able to travel to Japan or Hong Kong to get hold of my dream films and maybe to get another camera or two. I’m also dreaming of a better life for me and a better version of me. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I’m secretly doing so. 😛

Here’s to a wonderful year ahead and to a continuous, beautiful life!

I’m really thankful for this year and for the gift of film photography. Btw, I’m also thankful for the likes I’ve received from film photographers, enthusiasts and the from the film community on Instagram as a whole. 4 weeks ago, I managed to create another Instagram account purely for my analog photos and DIY projects and before the year ended, I jumped on the bandwagon and checked my #2015bestnine photos. I was honestly overwhelmed by the numbers and it feels good to know that there are still tons of people all over the world who share the same passion that I have for film photography. Here’s to all of us and have a Happy New Year!



keep film alive,



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