Into The Woods







This was the day when lola (grandma) requested for us all to be present with her. Apparently, she thought she was going to die that day, having one of the worst kinds of dyspneic (difficulty in breathing) attacks she ever had.

We brought her to the hospital after convincing her that she needed professional help and that going to the hospital was going to make her feel so much better.

As usual, she had to stay long at the ER to undergo the necessary diagnostic tests and immediate procedures to alleviate her breathing difficulty.

We stayed at the hospital’s parking lot because she didn’t have to be admitted that day, although she had to be admitted a few weeks after this incident, again, because of Pneumonia.

The parking lot was covered by these huge trees, so obviously the ground was littered with dead leaves, which looked really artsy to me. So having brought my point-and-shoot camera with me that day, I had the chance to take it out for a shoot with my family.


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