Dark to Dawn

I’m a big scaredy-cat. On road trips, my mind would easily be preoccupied by thoughts of supernatural beings roaming at night, especially while we’re still on the road. It’s no biggie that most people are out of the streets by early nighttime in most rural places, and since most roads are poorly-lit, I can’t brush off thoughts of ghosts crossing the street or standing by the road staring at you straight in the eye, through your heavily-tinted window.

On a lighter note, NO, this isn’t an entry about a ghostly encounter, but about our long trip to the north during Holy Week.

My father and brother would drive dangerously fast, on 2-way roads whenever we travel by car because of the lighter traffic in the provinces and mostly when we’re all chasing daylight.








Making a quick trip to Manaoag, at noon!



We completed 75% of our Visita Iglesia before it got dark, the first day of the trip, and had time to find a place to stay by dinner time. 8 pm in the province look so much like 3 am in the city, with almost no cars on the street, most windows shut, and lights turned off one by one.


We were supposed to stay at a hotel where we often stayed while in Ilocos, but since it was getting late and it was a couple hours drive from where this hotel was, my parents decided to stay here. It was a new, so it looked pricier than the other place, but it was worth it. My siblings and I had to sleep on one bed which was like a big throwback to our childhood days. 🙂



This was the only thing that lit the corridors at night and I was really scared I might capture something eerie on film. I know it because they say analog cameras capture more than what digital ones can. And yes, this entry has really turned into a scary post.



Wooooot! Finally there was sun again! We all had to get out of bed by 3-4 in the morning just in time to get back on the road again by 5am.


This looks so much enchanting in real life. It’s like tsunami, but in the form of gas.


This was taken 1 hour after we left the hotel the next day. 6:08am. I stare into this photo a lot, mainly because it looks like it was taken using a Petzval lens. 😛


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