A Sister’s Hope








Here are some compiled photos of my brother (that I haven’t posted yet, I think) taken during our trips to Cebu and Ilocos. You should have already known by now that this is a birthday post! 😛

I can go all cheesy again because I know he will never get to read this, but don’t worry, all I have to say is that I’m still very proud of who he has become. I know we used to fight a lot with our sister, getting caught in between. I know I our fights have evolved from small petty ones often resulting to hurting each other physically to still small and petty ones sans the punching and kicking, but despite that, I have seen how you changed from a mischievous and bratty kid to a sweet (not to me though) and responsible boy/man. 😛

I know we are currently going through a lot this time and this birthday hasn’t been the best, but we are all praying and hoping that eventually, this will come to pass. We couldn’t be happier for all that you have achieved and I know that someday, you will become so much more than what you are right now, not that we think you haven’t made a good name for yourself yet, because you have, at least within the family and the company you’re working for. You have a long life ahead of you and I wish for you to make it as meaningful and as fulfilling as it can be. Happy birthday!


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