Moving Forward






I got my own scanner recently. I bought it second-hand and though it’s not even close to one of my dream film scanners, it’s surprisingly good! I was itching to buy a more expensive one from CD-r-King but I was afraid it won’t last long. Good thing this showed up on my feed out of the blue, like it was heaven sent, just like the rest of my stash, all of which I also found online. It’s really true what they say, “best things happen unexpectedly”. 🙂

So far, I think this scanner works great on fresh films and keri na on expired ones. These are some of my photos I took with a Centuria 100 that has expired 6 years ago. Not bad, but I’m afraid it could’ve looked better had I let professional people do the work. This is a pretty big step for me though. Soon, I’ll want to develop my own photos too! That is if my parents would allow for the storage room to be converted to a darkroom 😛

I’m investing more on film than on anything else. I haven’t bought new clothes except for a few ones I needed this summer, but that’s it. I know I’m becoming even more hooked to Film and it’s getting really addicting and scary, but for now, I’m brushing off that thought and would just enjoy the moment, the feel of it and the beauty it brings to my heart and mind. I’m done worrying, and being envious. I’m done thinking of what might have been and will be. I’m here and now I will live my life in the moment. I will learn to trust again like what our priest said this morning and to let go of the pain and worries that only make me weak. I will move forward and I will have faith in all things good again. 🙂

They say cacti bring bad luck, but what does God say about that? 🙂

Bad dreams are still just dreams and I can move on from them and see instead the sun peaking through my window each morning, and probably trust that my new dreamcatcher will do the trick of helping me drift off to dreamland unharmed. 🙂

All bad things will come to pass and I have faith in that. 🙂

This post is pretty trippy, jumping from one thought to another, but I’m not on any medication. I’m not even trying to connect the photos to my current state of mind. They just seem to. LOL! I’m just overwhelmed by everything that’s been happening lately, but I know that soon, everything will be okay. 🙂 All thanks to Him.


2 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Hey,

    thanks for your visit on my blog 🙂
    You don’t actually need a darkroom to develop your own film. BW is pretty easy and you only need a light sealed bag to wind the film into the reel and then you add the chemicals (developer/fixer etc) which can be done without dark room.

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    • Wow! I didn’t know that! So that’s why people start learning B&W developing first! Cool! I haven’t used my 2nd B&W film yet because there aren’t a lot of labs that develop B&W. Thanks for the tip!!!


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