Family Time at the Paoay Sand Dunes


First, I must say that the odds were definitely in MY favor that day because we got to ride the YELLOW truck!!!




We were able to squeeze in an hour’s time of a 4×4 off-road ride and of course, sand boarding on our way home. I forgot to pack appropriate shoes for this so I almost backed out.

What’s worse was we had to do all this at noontime, so obviously, my feet were burning, the sun was scorching us to death, but it was all worth it!

Though I admit the 4×4 ride gave me major, consecutive heart attacks all throughout the ride or at least every time it would tilt to its side or dive on enormously high ridges, it didn’t give me that sick feeling to my stomach that I would normally have (and that I terribly hate) in roller coaster rides or when I jumped off a cliff once.

Overall, I’d say that it was a fun family activity especially for us since this is not what we normally do together. Papa had his game face on standing at the back of the truck with us 3 and mama volunteered to try sand boarding (which was very surprising, if you know her; Take note, I said “volunteered”!!!). We discovered something new about each other and everyone had something exciting and scary to say after. Talk about the UBE/ ultimate bonding experience!



Here’s mama after her “memorable” experience (we got it on video!!). I bet she wouldn’t be volunteering to try extreme activities any time soon!




P.S. We should give credits to this boy together with his equally young-looking partner/our driver (they both looked like they’re just 13-14) for taking our photos and for teaching us how to board! His eyes looked so red like he haven’t slept in days or maybe because of the dirt and the heat, but he was very nice, patient and helpful all throughout!




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