Cape Bojeador part I








On our 3-day Ilocos trip, we tried as much as possible to get to all the beautiful places on our not so well-planned itinerary. On our 2nd day, on the way to Pagudpud, we passed by Burgos, Ilocos Norte where this lighthouse stood. I’ve never been near nor have I seen a lighthouse for real so this was definitely a first for me. Thinking about it now, I should have wished for something while we were up there. Too late now.

Anyway, it should be really more interesting if they allowed people to climb inside the lighthouse, but the view at the foot of the structure was glorious in itself, so I’d let this pass for now.

Not to sound ignorant, butΒ all my life, I have imagined all lighthouses to be situated on cliffs supposedly just above the water, but this one was much farther from the shore than any of the lighthouses I’ve seen in movies or online. But the location was too high to go unnoticed so it doesn’t matter.

How I wish I’ve seen this in action at night though. It must have been really pretty. πŸ™‚


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