Being productive




I won’t deny that I enjoy updating this blog more than my main blog, because I can. Every time I think of writing something, laziness follows. That’s because lately, I kind of feel more productive by being just an observer rather than being the one observed, not that many people know and read this blog. I say it’s productive because I learn a lot just by observing. It also helps when you’re looking for inspiration and that’s what I am lacking right now.

Although I still have a long way to go in terms of getting good photos obviously, it makes me happy to see some of the ones I took during the recent holidays turn out not exactly the way I want to, but unexpectedly good still.

On our way to Ilocos, my parents wanted so bad to pass by Manaoag. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as chaotic as our last visit. Though the number of people who flocked during the Holy Week this year was still undeniably huge, the roads leading to and out of the area weren’t as clogged and traumatic as they were last year.

P.S. first and last photos weren’t taken in Manaoag, but I believe those were both taken within Pangasinan. 🙂


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