Early Morning Photowalk

The night before, I asked my cousin, Kaye to go on a morning photowalk with me. She isn’t a morning person so it was a surprise she went with me. I’ve been teaching her to use my SLR when she stayed at our house for a few weeks and that day, I gave a whole roll for her to use for the shoot (well, almost the whole roll). Together we embarked on a 5 minute walk to the playground. LOL!


Everyday on our way to work, we see these biggest Huskies I’ve seen in my life walked by their companions. I couldn’t take photos of them up close when we saw them that day because I was too shy, so when I finally got to focus the camera (it was hard using the rangefinder), they were too far away.


Here’s Kaye taking her first photo of the day!




It wasn’t too obvious that we missed our childhood days. We couldn’t get enough of the playground swings so the other kids had to give way.



The clouds also showed off that day!

000040I’ve always been on the hunt for nice trees to capture on film, but what we found on our way back home was way prettier, a leafless tree!

I’ve always wanted to go on a photowalk but I couldn’t get myself to go alone. So, when I had the chance, didn’t stop til my cousin woke up, just to do all these and it was worth it!


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