Happy birthday Papa!


Papa is one of the most creative, intelligent and compassionate people I know.

I remember back in gradeschool when I was assigned to draw a witch for a presentation in school. I couldn’t get myself to draw one and I was as usual, panicking, so I had to ask him to do it for me. The portrait looked so real and creepy good that I wasn’t able to take it home with me after school because my classmates wanted it so bad. It was that good!

His talent and creativity are both so inspiring that I often wish that those could be inherited too. He paints, draws, takes striking photos, cooks and even plays guitar and the keyboard too! What else can’t he do?

Knowing this, one would think that he’s inclined to use more of his right-sided brain functions because he’s the artistic one, right? But his wisdom is just as overwhelming as his creativity. His left side of the brain works as much as the other one does. He writes well, he’s good at analyzing things and I often catch myself dropping my jaw in awe when he explains things I only learned in nursing school! He knows more medical jargon more than I do!

Not only that, I also did say that he’s very compassionate right? -especially towards the needy. He would go out of his way to lend a hand. And in my entire life, I have never seen him put himself first before anyone else. It would always be the other way around.

To cap it all off, he taught us all of these things and to always make time for God.

He’s a jack of all trades, but he remains humble, kind and unrecognized. We don’t say this often, but we would forever be proud to be his children. Happy, happy birthday again to the world’s greatest father, next to God šŸ˜‰


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