Contrasts in Love

Just because it’s  the last day of the love month….88440033

I remember B giving me this on Valentine’s day in 2011. I had to get out of a seminar/talk in the medicine auditorium only to go back in with a huge bouquet and an even bigger bag where this pillow was in. He was petrified while I was trying to break the ice. He was speechless whereas I was speaking too much, surprisingly. It wasn’t much for a first vday together, nor was it something he wants to reminisce about til now, but it was all worth it

I took this photo because I loved the contrasting colors the chair and the pillow gave rise to when I looked through the viewfinder (it was one of the many experimental, playful and wasteful photos I took when I first got my film camera, plus everything looks really good through the viewfinder), who would’ve thought I would be putting a whole new meaning to it?

Therefore in a whole new light, that little thing you call l-o-v-e is boring without its contrasts, without the differences and without the challenges. To end this crazy whirlwind of a love month, I’d say, it is okay to be completely, insanely/madly and  contrastingly (if there is even such a word) in love. After all, contrasts are after all very complementing, don’t you think? 😉


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