New Year






These were the photos I took during our recent trip to Cebu, a few weeks ago. Since it’s the first day of a new year, I feel it’s appropriate to post something that connotes a new beginning. What better way to depict beginnings than sunrises?

These were taken several thousand feet above the ground. It’s something new to me since I don’t really get to stop and watch sunrises as often and not in this way.

Seeing the world from this perspective gave me a feeling of serenity and contentment. It really feels great to have this calmness seeing the world from a bird’s eye view face a day that’s filled with so much hope and possibilities.

Isn’t that how we should always treat every single morning, not only of the first day of a new year, but of all the days of the year!

Here’s to a year of film photography, a year of possibilities, a year of

hope, love, happiness and peace and

a year dedicated to



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