I think it was in June when I asked B to go with me to the BIR office in Intramuros when I transferred my papers to that RDO. So since it was only when he’s free and when I have some errand to do that we get to see each other, I also planned on going to Binondo for the food trip we’ve been wanting to go to for a long time.

It wasn’t how we expected that trip would be because we got lost walking around so we had to stop over a 711 store to have a few snacks. When we found Ongpin street, where all the restaurants are, we were already full and couldn’t appreciate the food as much as we would have, if we didn’t have siopao, sandwiches and a humongous slurpee along the way.

We ended up eating at Cafe Mezzanine anyway because we wanted to try their Xiao Long Bao and their famous Kiampong. No we didn’t have Soup #5, but hopefully I get to in the future and just as I have said, I didn’t exactly have a wonderful time (mostly because of the slurpee), but their XLB was good. Their Kiampong however was either not my thing or it Β most probably just didn’t meet my expectations, but it was good as well.

Cafe Mezzanine’s owner also has this purple fire truck and I know that it has been featured on tv before, unfortunately I wasn’t able to take a photo of it because I was struck by the mega shy-photographer’s syndrome again.

Before we went home, we also passed by the Binondo church of course. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “BINONDO trip

  1. Punta tayong tatlo: Nik, You and Me, sa Binondo! Tour me naman! Sobrang frustration ko yan. Ang maka-ikot Binondo and Quiapo. Kasi andon lahat ng artsy finds eh 😦


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