Here I Come, August!

I know this apostrophe is so overrated in fact, people welcome and bid goodbye to months as if they’re real, tangible beings every year for years now, but I’d like to greet August still because I’ve got something really exciting to look forward to this time! (phew!)


Yep that August Break (discovered through Katie Yang’s blog) project started by Susannah Conway (correct me if I’m wrong) as inspired by the #FMSPhotoADay! I have made a more comprehensive post regarding this project on my MAIN BLOG. I just want to make it official here as well since in a month’s time, I will be posting the whole thing here after I have completed it and have it developed, since I will be doing this on film!

unnamedI can’t wait to get started and even more to finish and see the results! This is a humongous deal for me since I know I haven’t finished any of these challenges before, but I’d like to commit myself to it completely and just keep in mind that I have to put my film to good use. So I need all the luck in the world for this!



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