I shoot fish

13390027This one has a pretty fun story behind it. We had lunch at this Chinese restaurant in Antipolo (supposedly one of the last few ones we had with my brother before he left for Cebu). Like some restaurants of this sort, they had their fishes on display, but what’s freaky about this one was that tiny fish on the top left aquarium. Notice that little isolated one who seemed to be facing our direction? Yep, we were really freaked out at first, but got amused eventually. It was my sister who noticed it first, the fish looked a lot like talking to itself or or singing! It was even moving its fins in a way which made it look even more like a diva fish in a Disney movie. We couldn’t figure out why it was acting that way, but I’m telling you, I’ve never seen one like that before. I should really go to ocean parks more and be more observant! My sister even had this theory that the fish might be a real human being, turned into a fish and was then asking us for help! Either that or the fish was just hyperventilating.




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