The showdown!

Remember when I said we do all the flower arrangements at home, including when Mama Mary visited our house a few weeks ago? Well, here’s my mama, doing a fastbreak on the thing hours before the affair, taking pride in her “talent”, without a doubt!13270013


Here’s how her arrangement turned out! Looked pretty amateur to me! Haha! She’s better off doing flower arrangements for All Saints’ Day, I guess! Just Kidding!!13270011



Here’s mine, ladies and gentlemen! Aren’t those the prettiest?? Not to sound all egotistical or something, but mine looked way, way better than my mother’s! I mean look at that! Just trumped hers in so many levels! HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Just Kidding. Mine actually looked like a kindergarten project that was trampled by a stampede of dinosaurs after it was dropped to the floor. A preschooler fetus might have done something more spectacular!

By the way, I was laughing so hard while doing this because I couldn’t stand my mother’s reaction when she saw how mine turned out, and to think that I was being so cocky the whole time!13270022


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